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Home » News » Cayuga County: If someone stops by your home claiming to be from Solar Farms NY, it’s a scam

Cayuga County: If someone stops by your home claiming to be from Solar Farms NY, it’s a scam

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  • Hayley Jones 

Cayuga County residents should be wary of anyone who shows up at their door claiming to be from Solar Farms New York.

Individuals claiming an affiliation with Solar Farm NY have gone door-to-door asking to see residents’ electric bills or other personal information, said Cayuga County Legislature Chair David S. Gould in a release.

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Solar Farms NY does not conduct in-person marketing, says Gould

Anyone who contacts you in-person at your home claiming to be from Solar Farms New York or Cayuga County is an imposter and you should not give them your personal information, said Gould.

The Cayuga Community Solar Project, which has been in the works for years, will soon provide renewable energy to power county office buildings as well as homes, apartments and businesses.

Gould confirmed a July 30 letter detailing an offer from Solar Farms NY was indeed from him and therefore legitimate.

The offer is 10% off electrical bills for the first 400 residents who sign up to participate. There is no charge to sign up and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

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Several other solar projects in the works: County encourages all developers to offer discounts

To sign up for the solar energy program, go to this website or call 315-512-5322. Use the promo code ‘CAY’ to receive a $50 Visa Gift Card as a thank you for supporting green energy.

Solar Farms NY is conducting its marketing fully online at or by answering your phone calls at the above phone number, not in person, reiterated Gould.

“It is unfortunate that some individuals are attempting to take advantage of our residents for their own purposes. Feel free to contact the Sheriff’s Department if you are confronted with such individuals so we can put a stop to it,” he added.

The county is encouraging residents to explore opportunities to save on electric costs, such as the one being offered by Solar Farms NY.

Several other solar projects are reportedly under development throughout Cayuga County, with those developers being encouraged to offer similar discounts.

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