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Rochester woman says she deposited $100K, then bank account and money vanished

A Rochester woman claims she deposited over $100,000 into a Chase business account, only for the money to disappear.

That’s the situation that Hannah McMullen and her two business partners faced earlier this month. The three women are opening ‘The Reformery,’ a pilates studio planned for 1255 University Avenue in Rochester.

“So then we deposited the funds, July 5 hits, funds have been deposited both in our account and our personal account the funds have been withdrawn and then a day or two later we were doing some financial forecasting and the account disappeared,” McMullen told News10 NBC.

News10 NBC reached out to Chase Bank, who said they restored full access to the account as well as the funds once certain information requested in a June letter was confirmed.

Chase provided a copy of that letter to the news station. McMullen said she never received the letter, nor did she receive a phone call from Chase as the company claims.

As of Tuesday, July 19, McMullen said the money was back in her account.

She also received a call from Chase, who `explained why her account was closed.

“That reason had to do with paperwork but it did not align with what the branch had told us and they didn’t tell me where the money went,” explained McMullen.

News10 NBC asked Chase to verify when the letter was sent. They also asked the bank for assurance that other customers would not find themselves in the same scenario as McMullen.

Chase did not reply to that request for comment.

The Reformery is anticipated to open in August.