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$1,000 child tax credit stimulus payments going to thousands of families

More than 30,000 children could get $1,000 in child tax stimulus payments of their families qualify for the payments.

cash residents could see from a stimulus child tax credit

Residents in Vermont will see a $1,000 payment for each child under the age of 5.

There are certain criteria families must meet before they can qualify for the child stimulus tax payments.

Child tax credit stimulus payments in Vermont explained

Families that make $125,000 or less will qualify for the payments.

The package costs $40 million in all.

The original proposal was worth $50 million, and the offer from the Senate was $36 million, with $22.5 million going towards the child tax payments.

Payments worth $750 going to some Minnesota workers

What else is included in the stimulus package?

There is tax relief for low income workers, caregivers, those paying student loans, retired Americans, and people receiving military pensions.

This child tax credit is designed similarly to the federal child tax credit.

The goal is to help low income families recover from the pandemic.

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