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INSIDE THE FLX: Geneva Town Supervisor Mark Venuti, teleconference meetings, changes to the building code and more (podcast)

In this episode, we discuss the local law which will allow the town to continue to hold meetings by teleconference. The state authority to do so, passed during the COVID-19 pandemic, expires in July.

We also talked about a stormwater retention system that’s been moved to a new location. In its new location, it can also serve as a flood control mechanism for the Kashong Conservation.

The town is considering changes to its building code that will bring it into compliance with new state guidelines.

Town Sustainability Coordinator Jacob Fox is working with a Victor company on installing EV charging stations at the town hall. The town has also purchased an all-electric pickup truck for the code enforcement officer.

We discussed the future of the Ontario County landfill in light of the town of Seneca’s plan to survey residents about the facility, scheduled to close in 2028.

Supervisor Venuti will meet this week with a group of experts on “the internet of things.” They might be able to install sensors in the town’s water facilities that could help them operate more efficiently.