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Do you need a real estate agent to sell your home? 

A seasoned professional in real estate can assist you in selling your home faster and for more cash than if you, but most agents charge commissions based on the property’s selling price, which could take a bite out of the transaction’s proceeds.

Do I require an agent in real estate to sell my home?

Homeowners are not legally obliged to work with an agent or broker (a part of the National Association of Realtors, or NAR). In the case of a particular situation, the services offered by these professionals can be performed by a knowledgeable and skilled seller.

If you don’t know the time or confidence to conduct the For-sale by-owner (FSBO) deal, hiring help from an agency that efficiently understands the details of selling and listing houses can pay off. In other scenarios, if you are looking for the perfect property to build your house of dreams, then Nova City offers the best residential plots.


Most homebuyers employ an agent who is a real estate professional as per NAR, and it’s simple to understand the reason. A real estate agent such as with extensive local knowledge will generally provide better property services.

“A professional agent will help you determine your ideal listing price. It can also help you decide if you’re better off starting at the highest price and having space to negotiate or start with a lower cost so that you can entice more buyers to offer their services and compete against one another to push the price up.”

In addition, agents are well-versed in all the disclosures that sellers must complete in a real estate transaction. The law mandates the disclosures required.

“An agent could place your house on your local multiple listing service. This will advertise your home for sale on other websites with a huge audience,” says Chuck Venereal, a Northwest Indiana-based real estate agent and the creator of the real estate site Quad walls. “This will give you the greatest chance of getting the deal you’re seeking.”

You’ll get expert advice from a professional on the best ways to incorporate and what’s left off of your list and also what kind of photos and videos you should take, well as a person dedicated to completing the vast majority of the work when it comes to marketing, and even selling your property.

Agents are also skilled in staging a house to sell, whether as themselves or through an arrangement with an experienced stager to ensure that your home looks appealing to potential buyers. Consult a Sky Marketing agent today if you want to know about the latest real estate trends and the most beneficial investment opportunity.

Your agent may also host open houses and private viewings and collaborate with the other parties involved in selling, including the appraiser title agent, home inspector, and notary. Additionally, your agent will be available to answer your questions and concerns quickly and help you navigate the numerous forms needed to sell your house.


The main drawback of working with an agent for real estate is that, in most cases, you’ll need to pay a commission determined by the value of your house. It typically ranges from 4 up to six percent; however, it could be as low as 1 percent when working with the “discount” broker offering lesser services.

“Some agents provide discounts on their service,” Shraga says. Shraga. “They’ll take a smaller commission, usually as a condition of the seller being able to take on more of the agent’s duties such as staging and taking photos.”

If you’re working with an agent for real estate who charges the usual rate, the commission may be a huge expense.

In addition to commissions, “you also have to enter into a listing contract with your agent. You’ll be required to collaborate with the agent for a specific period specified in the contract unless the agent is willing to release you from the agreement.”

It could be a problem when, for instance, you begin to dislike your agent or doubt the effectiveness of their selling, marketing or negotiation strategies. Even though agents have an obligation of fiduciary care to protect your interests, you may also get advice contrary to your needs.

“For instance, an agent might secretly ask you to market your house quickly and at a lower cost than you’re entitled to so that the agent will be quick cash and then proceed,” Saadeh says.

Another disadvantage? There is a possibility of lesser control on the processes.

“Your agent could be very aggressive in making most of the decisions regarding the price of your sale and timing, staging strategies, marketing strategies negotiations, and, in certain cases, the selection of third-party vendors.

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How do you decide if you require an agent in real estate?

If you’re considering whether to sign the dotted line with an agent in the real estate industry, be sure to ask these important questions to determine whether you’ll need their help:

  • Are you able to get a good knowledge of the value of your house? An agent from the real estate industry will look at comparable properties in your area to help determine the right price for your home. But there’s nothing stopping anyone from doing the similar. If you’re aware of what similar properties to yours have been able to command on the market, you are on the right track to sell your house without the help of a real estate agent.
  • What time do you have to spend? Selling a house will require a lot of effort. Professionally taking professional pictures of the property, promoting it on the internet, and screening potential buyers for tours are just a handful of tasks you’ll be required to perform if you decide to tackle the job yourself. If you’re a person with an open-ended calendar and solid marketing experience, you may be able to do the job of a real estate professional.
  • Are you comfortable in uncomfortable conversations? A home is an extremely valuable asset, and you could be pleased with your effort in it. Keep in mind that a buyer is looking to get a great deal. You may get a significantly lower offer than what you think is reasonable. Without an agent to act as a buffer, you’ll have to navigate the constant reassurance to the buyer you will not be able to negotiate.

Solutions to work with an agent in real estate:

If you don’t want to list your house through a real estate agent, you could instead offer your property as an FSBO and then sell your home yourself. According to NAR, in 2020, 8 percent of homes sold were sold through their owners.

“You could list your home to sell on the public media and online platforms that revolve around real estate transactions or sales,” Saadeh says.

How can home sellers reduce costs?

If you’d rather deal with a real estate professional, there are still opportunities to save money. First, consider negotiating with your agent about the commission before the time.

“Many agents bargain commissions and could save you between 1 and 2 percent off the price of your house.

You can also cut costs by not putting too much into home improvement before selling your home. If you’re unaware, spending excessively on fancy staging or costly improvements that don’t provide sufficient return on investment is possible. Speak to your appraiser or your agent to determine which improvements are likely to bring in returns.

“You could also attempt to speed up your closing, reducing the tax on real estate and homeowners’ insurance and mortgage interest fees that accumulate until closing,” Saadeh suggests.


The commission of a real estate agent can reduce the profit you earn from selling your property; however, as is the case of all things on the planet, you will get what you get for your money. Also, If you are looking to make a beneficial, affordable investment, then Marina Sports city is the best choice.

“You must determine whether you have the time and experience needed to accurately price and professionally stage and sell your home and effectively negotiate with buyers and their representatives. This means knowing what disclosures your state requires -something you aren’t proficient in unless a skilled seller.

It is possible for sellers who are well-prepared to sell their houses without assistance from an agent. Whichever method you choose to pursue in selling your home, you can also decide to purchase your next house without the help of a professional real estate broker or agent.

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