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Monkeypox: Is it fatal, and is there a cure?

Monkeypox has made its appearance in Europe, and many want to know more about it as it appears to be spreading.

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This disease is a virus than can be spread from animals to humans and is similar to smallpox.

While that may sound alarming, it is clinically less severe than the deadly smallpox disease.

Monkeypox is common in Central and West Africa around tropical rain forests, according to Marca.

It is starting to appear in more populated areas.

Animals that can pass Monkeypox onto humans

There are many animals who can catch this virus.

Animals that can spread it include

  • rope squirrels
  • tree squirrels
  • Gambian pouch rats
  • dormice
  • non-human primates

Monkeypox and humans

The first case of Monkeypox appearing in humans was in 1970.

This happened in the Democrat Republic of Congo.

It was a 9-year-old child that contracted the virus.

Monkeypox: What are early symptoms to look for?

11 African countries have reported cases since.

The disease can be transferred from animals to humans by blood contact, bodily fluids, and lesions on infected animals.

Meat not cooked well enough could spread it.

Those living in the more vulnerable areas are at an indirect or low level risk.

Human to human contact will also spread the disease.

The smallpox vaccine is one positive way the U.S. can combat the Monkeypox virus.

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