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Stimulus: Bonus checks worth $500 going to some workers

Thousands of Americans will soon see bonus stimulus checks worth $500 in one state based on their employment.

bonus stimulus check cash residents will see in Massachusetts

The funding is through the Massachusetts Essential Employee Premium Pay program.

Checks will be going out to eligible workers in batches.

The last round to go out was in March to 480,000 people.

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Over $400 million of the $460 million dollar payments have been sent and another batch is set to go out soon.

Eligibility for the stimulus bonus checks

The eligibility for the checks is determined by your 2021 income.

Your job industry doesn’t matter.

Your income needed to be at least $13,500 and you needed to have filed an income.

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Income must also be 300% below the federal poverty level.

That amount will depend on your household size.

Anyone who got a payment the first round is not eligible this round.

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If you received unemployment benefits in 2021 you are not eligible.

When will bonus checks be sent?

The next round will be sent in June.

Around 330,000 people will see the payments.

Additional rounds will be announced in the fall.

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