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Steuben Public Health volunteers celebrated

The scores of volunteers recruited to assist at Steuben County testing and vaccination clinics throughout the county during the COVID-19 pandemic were thanked for their efforts at the recent Open House at the Robert N. Austin American Legion Post 1279 in Campbell.

“We can’t thank you enough for giving of your personal time and energy,” county Public Health Director Darlene Smith told volunteers. “You could have been doing a million other fun things but chose to work tirelessly for us in Public Health.”

Dr. Gary Enders chats with Steuben County Public Health Director Darlene Smith ​​

Photo credit: Steuben County

Noting 301 residents lost their lives during the pandemic, Smith said volunteers’ help and service kept county residents as safe as possible.

“I firmly believe we could have lost more,” she said. “We could not do it alone and thanks to you we did not need to do it alone. From the bottom of our hearts I thank you!”

Some 80 volunteers served at the clinics with over 450 overall assisting in our pandemic response, according to county Public Health records. The department has moved into COVID-19 recovery actions now but is still engaged in limited COVID-19 operations.