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INSIDE THE FLX: Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason on road and bridge improvement and City Council proclamations (podcast)

The Auburn City Council met at Memorial City Hall on Thursday, May 5, 2022 for a business meeting. View the video recording of the May 5, 2022 meeting here:
  • The Council considered the following business at this meeting:
  • Proclamation for Historic Preservation Month presented to Kathy Walker representing the Community Preservation Committee. Followed by a presentation from the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park, Ahna Wilson, Superintendent regarding the project to rehabilitate and preserve the AME Zion Church Building and Rectory located on Parker Street. (View the presentation slides)
  • Proclamation for National Travel and Tourism Week presented to Karen Kuhl, Executive Director of the Cayuga County Office of Tourism. Followed by a Market NY grant update presentation from the City’s Historic and Cultural Sites Commission. (View the presentation slides)
  • Award Resolution #44 of 2022 Awarding a Bid for the 2022 Road Improvement Program Carried 5-0. View
  • Agreement Resolution #45 of 2022 Authorizing a Second Amendment to the Rental Agreement with Cayuga Community College for the use of Falcon Park Carried 5-0. View
  • Agreement Resolution #46 of 2022 Authorizing the Implementation and Funding for the Lake Ave Bridge Rehabilitation Project. Carried 5-0. This is a 2021 BRIDGE NY grant funded project, the grant will cover 95% of the project costs, or, $4,662,410 of the estimated total Project cost of $4,907,800. This project will be under design for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023. View
  • Agreement Resolution #47 of 2022 Authorizing an Agreement for Engineering and Design Services for the Lake Avenue Over the Owasco Outlet Bridge Rehabilitation Project. Carried 5-0. C and S Engineers awarded this contract, 95% of this contract is covered by the 2021 BRIDGE NY grant. View
  • Agreement Resolution #48 of 2022 Authorizing Change Order to Crane-Hogan Structural Systems Inc. for the State Street Public Plaza Project. Carried 5-0. This is a Downtown Revitalization Initiative project that has been under construction since spring of 2021. Funding for this project totals $1.578 million ($1 million through the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) Program; $178,114 from the Emerson Foundation accepted by City Council on July 1, 2021; and, $400,000. financed by the City Council by bond authorization in 2021.) The approved change order authorizes the rehabilitation of the entire block between Genesee Street and Dill Street. New pavement, sidewalks and replacement of brick pavers with colored concrete that will match the design of the new plaza area. This work will be ongoing for the next two months and is targeted to be completed by June 30, 2022. View