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Governor Kathy Hochul names Congressman Anthony Delgado Lt. Governor

Governor Kathy Hochul has named Congressman Anthony Delgado as her new Lieutenant Governor.

He replaces Brian Benjamin, who resigned last month after being indicted on federal corruption charges. Benjamin will also remove his name from the Democratic primary ballot after a Hochul-sponsored bill was passed by the state legislature allowing him to do so. At a news conference Tuesday, the Governor said “But this is an exciting day, the culmination of a challenging, difficult couple of weeks, not just for me, but for New York. And I deeply believe that the people of the State of New York deserve to have absolute confidence in their elected officials.

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And for that to happen, they must have full faith in those serving in the highest levels of state government adhering to the highest ethical standards. When I was sworn into office just a few months ago, I made a promise to New Yorkers that would restore their trust in government. And I have every intention of making good on that promise.

So with that in mind, let me tell you something else I believe, I believe that New Yorkers deserve a government that is fully staffed, fully functioning, and fully committed to delivering for New Yorkers. They deserve a government that will work around the clock, relentlessly, to deliver results. They deserve a government that is laser-focused on leading New York’s next great comeback and building a brighter, better future, a more equitable future, for every New Yorker.

To do that I need someone by my side who I can rely on for wisdom, guidance, and advice, and that person must be willing to put New Yorkers first and place a high priority on delivering results, rather than playing partisan politics. They must believe in hard work, be a team player, and treat everyone with respect. And most important, they must be someone that New Yorkers trust and have absolute confidence in. So today, I’m really proud to say, I found that person. Today I’m announcing my nominee, my selection for the new Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York: Congressman Antonio Delgado.”

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Delgado said “Good afternoon. It’s a good day for my family. I want to start by thanking Governor Hochul for your kind words. Sitting there listening to you talk about what I bring to the table and the desire to really want to care for people and to serve people, I know you get that. I know you do. I know you care and it’s just an honor to be able to stand here with you and do this work together. I’m excited to be a partner with you and build a better future for New York.”