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SSI: Second payment in April worth up to $841 is going out next week

Those who collect SSI will see not just one payment for the month of April, but two.

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The average payment for a person collecting SSI is around $621 per month after the most recent 5.9% COLA increase.

The most a person will see in a month is $841 for the year 2022.

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Why are there two SSI payments for April 2022?

Sometimes when there are holidays or weekend days that are the same as payment days, the payment happens a day sooner.

The last time this happened was in Dec. of 2021, where one check was the regular Dec. check and the second was Jan. 2022’s check.

This means the check for the month of December was the 2021 monthly payment, but the check for January sent in December was 5.9% bigger.

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There were two payments this month because Jan. 1, 2022 was a holiday.

The same thing is happening for April, but the checks are the same amount since both are for 2022.

The first check for April was already sent April 1.

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The second check will be going out on Friday, April 29, 2022.

This is because May 1, the regular payment date, lands on a Sunday.

This means the payment must be made the Friday beforehand.

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