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WEATHER: Finger Lakes will see warming trend, but does it stick around?

Enjoy the mild air while it lasts!

The Finger Lakes and Central New York will see warm-up this week, as temperatures push into the 60s for several days. local weather finger lakes central new york southern tier

Big weather headlines for the Finger Lakes

The Storm Trackers Team says a brief reprieve is in store for the region- after a cool weekend dominated by rain and snow showers.

Jack Matthys, Storm Trackers Team Founder, says no significant weather systems are in sight for the wee, but conditions will become a little less settled as it progresses.

Occasional showers and thunderstorms will be possible as the days move forward- and temperatures flirt with 65-70 degrees.

“This will be short-lived,” Matthys explained. “Another shot of cooler air arrives by week’s end. Longer range outlooks indicate not only does the cooler air return- it will stick around for a while.”

Leisure outlook: How are things shaping up?

For many it’s too early to be thinking about boating, but the 4-5 days of warmth will certainly get some in the mood.

Travel around the region will be a breeze- with only scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast.

“Outside of occasional showers, boaters on Lake Ontario should not have to contend with any significant winds or waves,” Matthys added. “There will be a chance for some thunder activity on Wednesday to be aware of.”

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