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What the best crypto trading platform for beginners should be like

Every seasoned professional in crypto trading used to be a novice. Each of these people who are now recognized as experts, one day learned about cryptocurrency trading and decided to have a try. Most likely, he or she started from copy trading function and only a bit later began placing their first orders on their own… Lots of people are doing the same right now and browse the Web in search of the best online trading platform for beginners. 

Well, looking for something suggests knowing what it is like. Which platform is best for crypto trading, when you are just learning how to do it? What functions should it have to become suitable for this part of the target audience?

Let’s use good old common sense. Beginners haven’t mastered all tips and tricks of cryptocurrency trading yet – they are just trying to make head or tail of it and not to drown in the ocean of information in the process. So, the platform should be well-structured and contain all necessary info (desirably in plain words), which is easy to find, even for a person that visits the resource for the first time. Also, the interface must be intuitive, clear and user-friendly.

In addition, there should be such a function as mirror trading. It’s pretty difficult to quickly make decisions on buying and selling at the very first step. Crypto market is extremely volatile, which means that the prices constantly oscillate. The opportunity to watch seasoned experts make their transactions and copy them instantly is just what a new user needs – at least at the very beginning.

And, last but not least, the company behind the platform should be realty trustworthy.

Wunderbit can tick all these points. The company was founded in Estonia not so long ago in 2018. However, this firm has already gained popularity ang got considerable media coverage – it was even mentioned in Forbes. Wunderbit’s close-knit team consists of financial and crypto trading experts, as well as and software developers, who did know how to create a crypto trading platform that will satisfy the needs of all its users, from a greenhorn to a seasoned pro.

The specialists who now are a part of the Wunderbit, used to work for such reputable firms as Swedbank and Deloitte, Marex Spectron and SEB.

The platform is focused mostly at crypto exchange and copy trading. The most successful traders with 100% transparent track records, send out signals to be followed by those who subscribe to them. Sophisticated fully automated bots could be created in a couple of mouse clicks using TradingView. After setting them up, these bots will follow actions of the chosen signaler. In other words, you get cutting-edge automation tools that will trade instead of you, according to the commands you specified while setting them up.

If you prefer to place orders yourself, there is an advanced terminal with a clear and sleek interface. Wunderbit is linked to as many as thirteen crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Deribit, FTX, KUCOIN, to name a few.

The strategy automation functions enable you to set Stop Loss and Take Profit on each of the exchanges you place orders at. Also, you’ll be able to test every strategy you can think of before implementing it. This option might save you not only time, but also money.

What makes this platform special is that it charges a small fee only on certain transactions like BTC withdrawal; all the others are commission-free. Copy-traders, however, pay a commission on their profits to the signaler – i.e., the trader whose actions they are mirroring. The amount is not fixed – in each case, it is the signaler that sets the percentage payable. Well, you have every chance to become one in the course of time, if you turn out to be a genius of a crypto trader.

Unlike most of the competitors with their subscriptions to particular features and restricted functionality for the rest of the users, Wunderbit gives fully functional services to every registered user without any payments.

Needless to say, this platform utilizes such a security feature as two-factor authentication – it has long become a common practice. Also, you will have to verify your identity when buying currencies. This measure is part of a joint effort to combat money laundering. The verification is quick, although. And so are all transactions, which typically take just a few minutes, ten at the most.

All in all, Wunderbit looks – and actually is – an excellent web resource where anyone can easily set up and use automated trading bots, try copy-trading, or just buy and sell crypto for fiat money. It perfectly suits beginners and professionals alike, although a well-thought-out set of features, extremely user-friendly API, and the focus on copy and automated trading make this platform quite a find for people who haven’t yet traded cryptocurrencies but got interested and want to give it a try.

Try Wunderbit – and see what is the best stock trading platform for beginners like! Seasoned experts will surely appreciate it, too.



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