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Waterloo Container opposes expansion of gas-to-energy plant

A nearby business is objecting to the planned expansion of a gas-to-energy plant across the road from Seneca Meadows landfill in Seneca Falls.

A statement from Waterloo Container President Bill Lutz was read at the latest meeting of the Seneca Falls Planning Board, saying the expansion of the Seneca Energy II plant would violate the town’s Local Law 6, which created a moratorium on new energy projects. The letter quotes Local Law 6, saying “all land use application for the siting or creation of energy production and distribution facilities within the town of Seneca Falls, Including but not limited to; with the example of any projects that would be used for the distribution of fuel to be used in generating power for resale to the power grid.”

The company says the expansion would not violate the local law.

The statement, signed by Waterloo Container Special Projects Manager Mark Pitifer, said “this project would have several significant environmental impacts. The project would also involve the storage of immense amounts of product, creation of substantial amounts of industrial and potentially hazardous waste, and the management and disposal of those wastes is a major concern for Waterloo Container, and should be for the town. Changing Seneca Energy’s facility would have an even further adverse effect on the character of this community.”

The Seneca Energy II plant would take methane gas from Seneca Meadows, convert it to electricity and send it to the electrical grid.