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Northeast College, Generations Bank, Cafe 19 share goals of collaboration, advancing community

Building connections and working together is part of the fabric of any great community. Northeast College of Health Sciences, Generations Bank and Café 19 all call Seneca Falls home and work together to honor the area’s strong history as they create outstanding experiences for locals and visitors alike.

Partners in Excellence, Providing Opportunity

President & CEO of Generations Bank Menzo Case, also a member of the Northeast Board of Trustees, had a vision for the bank’s headquarters when it was built in 2013. A longtime supporter of the Seneca Falls business community, Case made sure there was a place for locals and visitors to gather and enjoy.

Later in 2013, Casey Galloway helped complete that vision when she opened Café 19. Its name is a tribute to the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote, and has strong historic ties to Seneca Falls, home of the first women’s rights convention in the country.


The walls of Café 19’s primary location, nestled next to Generations Bank Headquarters on E. Bayard Street, are decorated with pop art portraits of influential women in history, including suffrage activists and local heroines Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Café 19 opened a small version of its popular Seneca Falls eatery on the Northeast campus earlier this year. The café’s flair for art and its mission, rooted in local history, came to the College too.

As Northeast welcomed Café 19 on campus, Generations Bank gifted the new location a pop-art painting of a female pioneer in chiropractic. The portrait hangs in the café’s Northeast outpost for faculty, staff and students to enjoy.

“As a member of a flourishing community with such a powerful history of growth and civil rights, it’s important to us at Café 19 to pay homage to those who set such a high bar and standard of excellence. It reminds us to do the same in our daily lives,” said Galloway. “We believe the world is moving forward and the only way to keep that momentum going is together. We are happy to have such great partners in Northeast College and Generations Bank.”

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)


“There’s nothing better than building local partnerships, providing opportunity and really helping people enjoy our community,” Case said. “Generations Bank, Northeast College and Café 19 are alike in their dedication to advancing our region and Seneca Falls, as well as our commitment to excellence in our respective fields. I’m proud to link arms with these two pillars of the community to continue to improve the quality of life for our locals and visitors.”

Northeast College President Dr. Michael Mestan said the College mission has always been devoted to academic excellence, leadership and professional best practices. “Our partnerships with Generations Bank and Café 19, not only directly reflect and solidify our mission, but make us proud as we work together to grow the future and make our surroundings a better place for everyone,” noted Mestan.

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