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McDonald’s: Where are the fries?

McDonald’s fries are becoming harder to buy.

McDonalds store

After facing a global shortage of this item.
McDonald’s is having to adjust their menu.

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These food chains are making changes

McDonald’s fry shortage

Almost every time you go to McDonald’s you likely order a side of fries.

They’re featured in about every meal the menu has to offer.

So imagine if the fries were missing from the menu.

This is happing on many of the chains menus.

Due to this the company is making some changes.

In Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan people who want a large or medium are out of luck.

In order to deal with this shortage they no longer offer large and medium fries in these areas.

As of February 2 you can order mediums fries.

It is still unclear when the large fry will be made available again.

The chain hopes that they will soon have this situation in order.

Many places have been affected by staff shortages and raise in prices.

This is making it harder for places including McDonalds to get the supplies they need.

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