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Syracuse snow plow services face supply chain issues amid winter storm

Syracuse’s Operations Manager says city’s snowplow fleet is ready to keep roads safe during this winter storm, but they could face trouble if trucks break down.

The Syracuse Department of Public Works has enlisted the help of a private snow removal service to assist in clearing 100 miles worth of sidewalks, according to CNY Central.

“Lately we’ve been having tire shortages. It’s very difficult to get our hands on iron at the moment. A lot of diesel fuel stations no longer sell diesel. When we need something, there’s a huge delay,” said Nicolas Henry, Vice President of JSK Snow Services.

Syracuse Public Works is facing the same problem, with supply chain shortages making it difficult to complete even minor repairs. The city ordered four new trucks but doesn’t expect them to arrive until 2024.

The City of Syracuse says they’re good on drivers but are looking to hire 10 new mechanics.