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Beware of fake COVID-19 test centers

Fake COVID-19 testing sites are popping up just about everywhere. The pop-up sites are usually unregulated and could lead to fraudulent activities, using your information.

electronic road sign that reads "NOT A TESTING CENTER"

Health officials have a list of things to look out for if you plan on getting tested.

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How can I tell if it is fake or not?

Whether or not the testing location is connected to a medical provider, could be a clear clue to its credibility. Read more about it here.

Here are some other things you could do to check legitimacy:

  • ask to see medical credentials
  • ask which laboratory test is being used (PCR or Rapid )
  • where it is being processed and if it is being sent to a lab
  • how the results will be reported

There are some red flags to be aware of too:

  • asking for social security numbers or other non-medical information
  • materials at the testing site without a logo
  • site is on a sidewalk and not affiliated with a medical provider
  • strangely quick results (most FDA approved rapid tests provide results between 10-20 minutes, anything less than that should be questioned)

Verifying credentials at the testing site, or using an approved location like those listed on your local health department’s website.

At home tests can also be ordered from the federal government.

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