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Another COVID-19 booster? 4th doses available in parts of the world

In some parts of the world another booster shot is available. Data suggests that a fourth dose may happen in the US- but not yet.

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In Israel, a fourth dose may soon be available for anyone 18 and older.

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Is there benefit to another booster?

Israeli government medical advisory announces that a fourth shot be offered to all adults. More information is available here.

The booster would come five months after their third dose or recovery from the virus. This comes after new findings about the effectiveness of another booster shot for those 60 and older.

The fourth shot offered three times more protection against serious illness and two times more protection against getting infected with Omicron.

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What does that mean for the US?

A fourth dose has been recommended only for the moderately and severely immunocompromised in the United States.

The fourth dose  here is not considered a booster shot. This is because it’s intended to increase the response to the initial vaccination series in someone who is immunocompromised.

Pfizer and Moderna have said additional booster shots will be needed in the coming months. It may be coming sooner though, because of Omicron.

Booster shots, now available to anyone 12 and older, were first authorized for certain groups by the CDC last fall.

Much of this will depend on the CDC guidelines to come. Until then, get your booster. Data shows additional doses reduce the possibility of serious illness or hospitalization.

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