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Types of Breakdowns of Sectional Garage Doors

Today, sectional doors are among the most common. They have gained such popularity due to their versatility, reliability, and excellent performance. High-quality manufacturing and competent installation affect how long they will serve and how quickly repair of sectional gates will be required.

Metal Sheet Is Wedged or Tight

Such breakdowns occur if the sheet itself or guide mechanisms are deformed, as well as the torsion springs, which are one of the main elements in the sectional garage door mechanism, are too tight. To solve this problem, sometimes you only need to adjust the spring tension. But sometimes, it might be necessary to perform garage door repair by replacing the hinges or rollers.

Noise While Moving

Such sounds most often occur when moving elements become dirty or there is wear out in the mechanism – rollers or hinges. There may also be malfunctions in the guide system: some objects can get into the grooves where the rollers move, or they can simply be deformed. To fix this problem, do-it-yourself cleaning and lubrication of moving parts are necessary.

Broken Torsion Spring or Cable

Repair of sectional doors is necessary when the following problems occur:

  • Worn-out springs usually break.
  • The springs unwind, causing the tension to loosen. In such cases, the spring must be replaced. A cable break frequently occurs with large gates with a heavy canvas.
  • Breakage is possible in opening mechanisms with manual control if excessive efforts have been made to open them, or in the event of a breakdown of the electric drive. In case of minor damage, the cable is repaired, in other cases, a replacement is needed.


Problems with Moving Parts

There are few moving parts in the garage doors like connections between sections. However, they can also wear out and break. As a result, the integrity of the entire structure is at risk. If moving parts are heavily soiled or deformed, then flexibility is lost. Also, the gates experience large mechanical loads during operation, and this leads to the fact that the sections are deformed.

The design, which consists of several elements, allows you to change only those parts that are damaged, which is much easier and cheaper. The only problem can be the fact that sometimes it can be difficult to select the shade of the coating. Scratches and other minor damage are restored with special colouring.


Sectional doors have a rather complex design, including many mechanical and electronic elements. Even though the design of such structures is quite reliable, only preventive inspection and regular diagnostics of mechanisms and accessories can ensure flawless operation. However, during operation, the process of wear and breakage of parts is inevitable.

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