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IRS: When will my tax refund be released?

Tax season began this week on Monday, and millions of Americans have prepared their tax returns for the IRS to get their refunds as fast as possible.

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Many people want to know when they will see their refunds.

Others want to know how much they can expect.

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IRS: Keep these tips in mind while filing tax returns

Here is everything you need to know about the IRS and 2022 tax refunds

Many people will be eligible for the recovery rebate credit.

This is for those who may have qualified for the stimulus check in March but did not receive one.

Due to a change in income, the IRS may have believed people did not qualify or that they only qualified for part of the stimulus check payment.

By claiming the recovery rebate credit, you can get the money you were owed.

The same is true for child tax credits.

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If you did not receive the advanced payments but were entitled, you can claim the full amount on your taxes.

In order to get your refund in a timely fashion, which is around three weeks after it’s accepted, you need to be sure your return is accurate.

This means you need to claim the correct amount for each credit.

The IRS is sending letters to help taxpayers with that.

Filing electronically and not by paper will also eliminate processing delays.

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Child tax credit worth $3,600 will impact 2021 tax returns

When will I see my tax refund from the IRS?

The deadline for tax returns in April 18 this year, but you can get your refund sooner if you file as soon as possible.

The IRS is saying that within three weeks of you submitted you will see your refund.

This is only if you e-file, choose direct deposit, and your tax return is completely accurate.

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