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Could COVID-19 symptoms lead to brain damage?

Mild COVID-19 symptoms could possibly lead to long-term neurological damage, according to a new study.

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How have COVID-19 symptoms effected the brain and what does that look like long term?

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COVID-19’s effect on the brain

Yale University researchers looked into how mice reacted to a COVID-19 infection and what happened to their brains. The study has not been peer reviewed yet. Find more information on it here.

An immunologist with the Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Akiko Iwasaki noticed some significant damage to brain cells after mild infections.

Based on the damage that they have seen, even a mild respiratory infection could lead to neurological symptoms. Iwasaki’s hope is that researchers find out more about long COVID and how its symptoms effect people.

Brain damage from the coronavirus is seen in “brain fog” and memory loss. These are two effects that have been commonly documented.

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