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Waterloo Library receives new environmental books from Seneca Meadows

The Waterloo Library has received a donation of a collection of books focused on environmental sustainability.  The books were donated by Seneca Meadows landfill in Seneca Falls.

Two titles to note in the new collection:

Plastic Ocean by Captain Charles Moore: Have you heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? This is the story of the sea captain’s discovery that launched a determined quest to save the oceans.

Mobilizing the Green Imagination by Anthony Weston: The author provides insights into an entirely different and far more inviting ecological vision for the future.

The donation is part of a larger effort, Pathways for Sustainability, developed by Seneca Meadows and Moore Dirty Boots. Seneca Meadows is bringing its values and culture of sustainability to the community through this partnership. Lead sustainability educator, Kristen Moore, is bringing sustainability education to local libraries, local scout troops and the local farmer’s markets.

For a complete list of the environmental titles that were donated, please contact the Waterloo Library.

For information on participating with the Pathways for Sustainability program, contact Seneca Meadows.

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