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5 major companies in the world that have started to accept Bitcoin as payment:

Cryptocurrency is becoming a global trend in the financial world. In this, no one wants to lag in this trend. Almost all the big names of businesses are coming forward to accept cryptocurrency as a new-age currency. We can see the pattern of growth of Bitcoins all around the world.  How industrialists to local business owners, Businessmen, and entrepreneurs, and even common people don’t want to leave this opportunity of owning Bitcoins.

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Bitcoin has made its way to commercial markets. Now, you can use Bitcoins to purchase goods and services. So, how can companies sit on the back foot? They too have started accepting Bitcoin as payment. Here, we are with Top 5 companies in the world, who are accepting Bitcoins as payments.


Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world which accepts Bitcoin as payment. The year 2014 was full of scandals for Bitcoins, it was popular though for all the bad reasons. This is also the year when companies like Microsoft started taking Bitcoins as payment. This came as a surprise for some but is considered as one of the bigger decisions taken by a company like this.

The company accepts Cryptocurrencies for games and apps and some digital content available on platforms like Windows Phone and Xbox. After this decision of Microsoft accepting Bitcoin as payment, a great impact was created on the market. Many other companies come ahead and Bitcoin as payment.

Whole foods:

Whole Foods is a company owned by Amazon but as a surprise, it started accepting Bitcoin as a payment. It was a surprising decision because Amazon itself doesn’t accept Bitcoins as payment. A payment startup company called “Flexa” partnered with a digital currency company called “Gemini” to develop a technology to ease the process of Bitcoin transactions.

This technology worked on the previous method of scanning and payment using apple pay and other apps like this. This technology facilitates the conversion of Crypto into other currencies to make the payment. So, you can scan easily and pay using cryptocurrency with this technology. Whole foods were one of the bigger companies to adopt this method.


Paypal is itself a digital payment platform but after 3 months of Microsoft accepting Bitcoin, they too hopped into the trend. Many international media companies declared Bitcoin as an independent currency that is not controlled by any government, unlike any other traditional currencies. This all happened due to the scandal around Bitcoins in 2014.

Instead of all this, a giant company like Paypal came forward to accept Bitcoin as payment. This move of PayPal worked in the favour of the company to get more customers. As transactions of Bitcoins were less expensive than other currencies. This was intended to grow the business and to save taxes.


Starbucks is another big company in this list of accepting Bitcoin as payment. Who doesn’t know Starbucks, it is a global company and has a very high number of customers. This company 2020 announced its participation in the Bitcoin revolution. Starbucks doesn’t take Bitcoins directly, instead, they use a different technology through which Bitcoin gets converted into other acceptable currency.

This is a digital payment app that makes this payment possible and does not even take much of your time. You can instantly pay through Bitcoins to Starbucks by adding Bitcoin to things like gift card balance and frequent-flyers miles. It means Starbucks accepts Bitcoin but doesn’t take it in the Digital form.


Twitch is another big company owned by Amazon that accepts Bitcoin as payment. This company started taking cryptocurrency as payment in 2014, later removed in 2019, and again started back in 2020. Twitch not only accepts Bitcoins but other cryptocurrencies like Etheruem and other lesser used coins.

Twitch is a video streaming platform that also accepts Bitcoin cash along with the digital form.

Concluding notes:

These are some of the top companies which accept payment in Bitcoin. But other than these companies there are many other big companies, industries, and businesses that invest and trade in cryptocurrency.

We cannot deny that Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular as well as providing high investment returns. Instead of all the scandals and frauds, this is still safe to invest in.

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