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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Digital Signage

Digital signs are becoming more popular, mostly because they are far cheaper to buy and run than ever before. Plus, the quality of the software they use and the easy availability of the internet means that just about any business can set up digital signs on their own (without technicians or installers) and people can run them on their own without programmers or people coming in to train their staff.

1 – They Are The Way of the Future

Not to belittle you with talk of technology moving forwards, but the fact is that digital signs are becoming popular because they are the way of the future. Market forces are pushing down prices because more people are using them, which makes them more accessible, which makes them easier to adopt. This fire is feeding itself, but it is with good reason. 

If digital signs were a gimmick or trend, then they would have died already along with motion controlled games and personalized jean jackets. The ability to change and update content in the moment is very powerful, and signs also allow people to run different campaigns and different advertisements through the day. People are not forced to stick to a single piece of content on a loop; they can mix it up a little if they wish.

2 – They Have Never Been Cheaper

The previous point hinted on how digital signs have become cheaper, but it is not just the signs themselves. In the old days you needed higher end computers and network equipment to set up your signs, but these days it can be done on a cheap laptop. The TVs/signs themselves are cheaper due to Chinese manufacturing, and the software is now so readily available that it is also becoming cheaper. Installing your digital signs is also far cheaper than ever before, especially when you consider that you can install them yourself. You don’t need to have modems and Ethernet cables running through your business: you can run your signs from a single device in your office and you can even do much of it wirelessly if you wish.

3 – They Replace Traditional Information Conveyances

Chalk board and text-based signs are nice, but they are the way of the past. Why bother having signs printed when you can have your sign change every hour? Why chalk up your menu when you can change it based on what is still available in the kitchen? There are many ways we used to get messages from the seller to the consumer, and these days the most convenient and effective way is with digital signs.

4 – They Have Better Marketing Potential

 Digital signs beat out almost any other type of in-situ marketing method. Why print a poster showing your newest product when you can run demonstrations of your product on digital signs? Plus, you have to remember that you can advertise several items or services in a single place when you use digital signs, and the movement they create will help draw attention to your shop and to your products. Service and store owners have found great ways to use digital signs, from having them run in a sequence to point to the best products, to having them show video footage of the people walking past so that it grabs people’s attention.

5 – Running Them Has Never Been Easier

It is true. As of this moment, the world of digital signage has never been easier to engage with. The sheer quality of modern digital signage Apple TV software is far above and beyond anything that has ever existed before (at least in the digital signage world). We are living in an era where running tens of digital signs at once is something you can do from a Smartphone, where just fifteen years ago it would require a dedicated team of technicians and several pieces of hardware. It is a golden age for the digital sign user.

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