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Low income seniors eligible for property tax exemption extension in New York

Local governments now have the ability to suspend in-person renewal requirements for extending property tax exemptions for low income individuals and seniors.

The executive order signed by Governor Kathy Hochul paves the way for greater support to disabled or senior homeowners.

“As we battle this winter surge, we are using every tool to protect our most vulnerable neighbors,” Governor Hochul said. “The thousands of low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities who rely on property tax exemptions should not have to risk their health and safety to remain in their homes. With this Order, I am allowing local governments to take common sense action to protect seniors from COVID-19, provide tax relief to those who need it most, and prevent vulnerable New Yorkers from losing their homes this winter.”

The Governor’s Executive Order includes two additional actions to support public health as New York State combats the Omicron variant and wave of cases. Amid an increased demand for testing, Governor Hochul’s Order will permit certified clinical laboratories to use out-of-state facilities for New Yorkers’ COVID-19 testing to mitigate testing capacity issues.

In addition, the Order grants the New York State Senate and Assembly through January 15th the discretion to meet remotely, consistent with legislation passed in September that currently applies to other public bodies. The law allows public bodies to meet remotely but requires the contents of the meetings to be publicly available.

Under the Governor’s Executive Order, local governments can automatically renew 2022 benefits for all property owners who received the benefit in 2021 unless the locality has reason to believe an individual has changed their primary address, added another owner to the deed, transferred the property to a new owner, or passed away.

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