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The Most Beautiful Places on the Planet

The world is beautiful and diverse! Traveling, life acquires bright colors and new notes. Numerous tour operators offer popular routes. There are no less interesting corners of the earth, which will not be immediately mentioned. New places give us adrenaline, as well as Woo Casino login.

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Torah Well (Oregon, USA)

This is a unique place created by its multifaceted nature. An opening extending six meters deep and about three meters wide. Scientists find it difficult to explain the phenomenon occurring inside the depression. At low tide, it is a magical waterfall, the jets of which fall around the edges and tend to fill the bowl. Despite the fact that the length is known, it is relative. During the entire time when the water surface departs from the banks, streams continue to fill the well. But it never fills up. The phenomenon of the bottomless well can be explained as follows: there is an abundance of tunnels at the foot. Once there were caves underground, but due to the constant interference of the ocean, they collapsed. According to the second version, this territory was formed by volcanic action. No one living today has dared to actually check the gates to hell. Even being close is fraught. The militant funnel will easily suck into the unknown, the abyss of nothingness. Anything can happen instantly, the slightest dizziness, slippery rocks, or a gust of wind. And yet desperate photographers strive to capture magical, mesmerizing moments. They are especially good at the rising sun, however, they are also beautiful at sunset. At high tide, the carnival of the elements’ violence begins. Bubbling, the liquid begins to pour in streams into the Beating Horn (another name). The second act is a roaring fountain rising above five meters in height. Its droplets are scattered over a distance of more than nine meters.

Kelimutu Volcano (3 lakes of different colors, Indonesia)

Since 1968, the volcano has benevolently fallen asleep and remains in this state to this day. On its top, 1.5 kilometers away, there are 3 wonderful lakes that are logically difficult. They appeared at the last awakening of the giant. The rains gradually filled the craters. Independent water pools were formed. The color of each of them is different from the others. In addition, the color palette is unstable. As if the artist is experimenting, changing the brightness and shades of color. Light green with a hint of blue, which is so similar to a turquoise stone, turns into a bottle-green color. Nature does not stop there, and years later one of the lakes is already fiery red chocolate or the color of a crow’s feather. As if the color changes under the mood. These changes are related to chemistry. Minerals interact with gas.

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