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Yates County Farm Bureau backs Greenidge

Yates County Farm Bureau has come out in favor of Greenidge Generation’s bitcoin mining operation on Seneca Lake. A resolution adopted at the organization’s annual meeting says: “Yates County Farm Bureau strongly supports Greenidge Generation LLC and applauds its significant environmental stewardship, production of needed electrical generation and positive economic impact creating jobs and significant investment in the infrastructure for the Finger Lakes Region.”

“The Yates County Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization that represents a large portion of the families who operate a variety of farming operations, agri-tourism, and related businesses here. This support represents a broad base of the Yates County area community, which is heavily dependent on the agriculture and tourism economies,” said Yates County Farm Bureau
President Larry Lewis explained.

Greenidge Generation CEO Dale Irwin commented, “We have often said that those who know us best are our neighbors here in Yates County and with this unanimous vote, the Farm Bureau is sending a clear message; Greenidge is making a large and growing positive impact on our community,” said Dale Irwin, CEO of Greenidge Generation LLC. “All of us at Greenidge are
extremely grateful for the Farm Bureau and the literally hundreds of family farmers it represents.”
“This vote demonstrates once again that any claim that our operation at Greenidge is
somehow anything but supportive of the agricultural and tourism industries in the Finger Lakes is just silly. The Farm Bureau understands that we are providing a significant amount of power to the grid, creating highly competitive employment opportunities and contributing significant tax dollars to the Town of Torrey, Yates County, and the Penn Yan Central School District,” Irwin

The news release from Farm Bureau calls Greenidge “an upstate success story.”