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The Best Amazon Prime Benefit: How the Redkey F10 Foldable Cordless Vacuum handled my 8-bed house

In the war between five messy boys and two shedding felines vs. myself armed with a vacuum, the Redkey F10 is finally helping me to win some battles.

The struggle is real: keeping an enormous house clean

I will preface this by saying: I have gone through countless vacuums before finding the Redkey F10 Foldable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Small, big, cheap, expensive, you name it—I’ve tried it.

Finally, it looks like I’ve found one that can live up to the high demands of a large household: a household inhabited by five filthy humans, two destructive cats, and one exhausted woman trying to maintain some level of cleanliness (that’s me, in case you didn’t guess).

Our madhouse is an 8-bedroom villa with indoor space of around 180 square meters, or roughly 2,000 square feet. As you can imagine, keeping on top of the cleaning is almost a full-time job.

What I need to help me clean is something lightweight, with enough battery life to do the whole house, powerful enough to suck up the dirt and inevitable layer of cat and human hair, and at a price that won’t break the bank. And, I’m quite pleased to announce: I think I have found it!

First impressions: what’s in the box?

The Redkey F10 comes with quite a few bits and pieces in the box. But, luckily, it’s not complicated to figure out what’s what.

The main body, long tube, filter, battery, and electric brush head make up the standard vacuum configuration. Then, you’ve got the crevice tool, which is long and narrow. Immediately, I know this is going to be great for sucking up all the gross crumbs and I-don’t-want-to-know-what-else that lives down the sides of my sofa cushions.

Then there’s the 2-in-1 dusting brush, docking station, charger, and instruction manual. So far, so good!

How effective is the Redkey F10?

I have fallen trap to many claims from various smug vacuum brands, most of which have turned out to be far from the truth. So, I was skeptical when I saw how happily the lady in the F10 promotional video was gliding around her house, sucking up all sorts of dirt and debris without a care in the world.

Well, hats off to Redkey. I have been cleaning our two-story villa using the Redkey F10 vacuum for weeks, and so far, its 140AW of suction power and 15 L/S air flow haven’t run into anything it couldn’t handle. I’m talking about pet and human hair, food, dust, fluff, sand, the occasional screws, mystery bits of plastic, and other unidentifiable objects.

We have a mix of tiles, laminate flooring, and carpets throughout our house. One of my biggest frustrations is finding a vacuum that adjusts to each surface without a) trying to eat the carpet or b) spitting all the dust back onto the hard floors.

The Redkey F10 Foldable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner handles this perfectly with its lightweight rollers and intelligent dust sensor. It senses the amount of dust and controls the suction power accordingly, using its 400W powerful motor and 23Kpa super suction wind. Now, that is one smart vacuum!

How is the battery performance?

The battery lasts up to an hour in the lowest gear, which is more than enough to clean my 8-bedroom villa, even while switching between multiple gears. The gears themselves are another impressive feature of the Redkey F10: it has five of them—compared to my previous cleaner, which had 3—so it uses energy more efficiently. The low gears are relatively quiet, too. Even my fussy cats don’t mind it that much.

In any case, not needing to unplug and replug it in between each room is a sweet relief. There is nothing I hate more than getting stuck vacuuming around corners and having to yank the cord along behind me like some sort of creepy domestic ball and chain.

The detachable 2500mah lithium battery charges fully in 5 hours, which is convenient enough for typical daily use.

Is the Redkey F10 easy to use?

One of my favorite features of the Redkey is its ability to fold. This is so handy for cleaning under the coffee table, beds, desks, and even low sofas. The difference between this and other vacuums is that the Redkey bends like an elbow at 90 degrees, roughly 20cm below the main body. This means you don’t need to stoop in awkward positions to get to those hard-to-reach spots. My bad knees are thankful for that!

Gone is the guesswork of cleaning under the sofa, shoving the vacuum around in the hope of catching the dust. The Redkey F10 has 6 LED headlights, making it easy to see the grubby areas that would usually be shrouded in darkness.

Another key perk of the Redkey F10 is the docking station, which I absolutely love! As the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. This definitely rings true in our house when it comes to vacuuming. The big clunky machine that we used to keep in the cupboard rarely got used.

I’ve placed the docking station in our kitchen, so it’s visible and available for anyone to pick up and give it a quick whizz. This has worked wonders in terms of getting more help with the housework. And, it’s so lightweight (coming in at 3.91 kg/8.6 lbs) that every member of our family can use it.

More notable highlights of the Redkey F10

The one-button dumping feature means I don’t need to get my hands dirty while emptying the 0.6L container. No more clunking it on the side of the bin and coughing in clouds of dust!  

There is also a 3-layer HEPA filter screen that blocks large particles to keep the air duct unobstructed and ensure the machine runs smoothly.

How much does the Redkey F10 Cordless Vacuum Cost?

The answer to this is: not as much as you would think! Considering similar popular branded vacuums cost over $600, the Redkey F10 is a very reasonable $189.

During the upcoming promotion period, you can purchase vacuum cleaners at a significant discount. I suggest you don’t miss the opportunity and buy Redkey F10 (coupon code:30$ / expires: 12/30/2021).

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