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Thanksgiving: Recent poll shows two thirds of Americans plan gatherings similar to pre-pandemic

A Monmouth University Poll found that two thirds of respondents plan to have Thanksgiving gatherings similar to pre-pandemic times.

63% of Americans plan to celebrate dinner with the same number of people they did before COVID-19.

5% shared that there will be even more people than normal in attendance.

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Last year 46% of Americans said their Thanksgiving celebration would have the same number of people as previous years. Some said there would be even more people.

With vaccines more available to Americans, many people are starting to feel safer in larger gatherings.

64% of people holding Thanksgiving dinner will not ask their guests if they’re vaccinated while 27% will.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci even stated that fully vaccinated individuals could go ahead and enjoy Thanksgiving fully.

26% of people plan to spend the holiday alone or with immediate family only to be cautious.

The poll was taken between Nov. 4 and 8 with 811 Americans.

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