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Child Tax Credit: How to track the fifth payment sent out today, Nov. 15

Today, Nov. 15, marks the fifth payment for child tax credits. Many families can expect to see them in their bank accounts today.

If the deposit hasn’t hit bank accounts, parents can login to the Child Tax Credit Portal through the IRS to check updates to their payment worth up to $300.

If the portal states that the payment has been delivered, but it’s not in the bank account, double check banking information.

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The name on the deposit in bank accounts will look like CHILDCTC.

While direct deposits are expected today, there may be a delay in checks because they’re just being mailed today. If bank accounts and addresses are correct the check will also take longer.

If you’ve experienced tax related identity theft, the checks may not arrive until that issue is fixed. If the identity fraud isn’t fixed by the final payment in Dec., families will get the full amount with their 2021 tax return in 2022.

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Some families may still be waiting for their payments to process, which happened in Sept. to 700,000 recipients following a technical error.

If you have not received the check by the end of this week, you may be able to file a payment trace.

For filers getting the payment electronically they need to wait five days before filing the payment trace. Those getting a check will need to wait four weeks. If it was sent to a foreign address, you can’t file a payment trace until 2022.

The final payment is just one month away on Dec. 15.

Families that have not claimed it but want to with the non-filer tool need to do so by today, or wait until next tax season to file and claim.

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