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Kovol Charging Mate: The powerhouse for all your devices

If like me, you’ve got several devices with separate chargers all competing for a space on the same power strip, you are likely going to love the Kovol PD 4-Port Charging Mate. There are two versions of this power beast; a 65W model and a 120W model. Both are capable of simultaneously charging 4 devices via two USB-C PD and two USB-A ports, and the 120W model has a single max. output of 100W for boosted charging speeds.

The 120W model is perfect for laptops and tablets. Its USB-C Power Delivery is capable of pumping out a mighty 100W of power to a single connected device. This is seriously fast charging, and in our testing, this output equated to charging a MacBook Pro 16” in just 1.7 hours. When two devices are connected to PD charging, it will share the total output and each device will receive 60W, making it a very versatile and capable charger indeed. Additionally, the two USB-A ports will charge via Quick Charge at 18W each, still making it a good option for charging your smartphone if the PD ports are in use with larger devices.

The smaller of the two Charging Mates still boasts an impressive 65W PD output and is more suitable if you’re powering tablets, smartphones and portable consoles. This charged our iPhone 12 to 50% in just 25 minutes. As noted by many however, charging does slow down the higher the percentage gets. Again, the USB-A ports will charge via Quick Charge at 18W. Bear in mind though, that the rated output of each Charging Mate is the total output, and this power will be shared across multiple devices if more than one is connected. With the 65W Charging mate, it splits the total output to 45W and 20W PD when two USB-C devices are connected.

The good news is that Kovol are using a technology called Q-Pulse, which is a smart charging technology developed in-house by Kovol. This enhances the efficiency of the charger by distributing optimal power to each of the connected devices based on the power requirements and battery status of each device, getting the most out of the available energy. This in turn means you can rest assured that all the connected devices—be it laptop, tablet or smartphoneare getting fueled up in the quickest time possible.

We learned from Kovol, that this Q-Pulse technology also incorporates many of the Charging Mate’s protection features, which monitors temperature and prevents things like overcharging. Indeed, during our use of the Charging Mate, we didn’t notice it get unusually hot, even when all four ports were charging devices and the total output was being sucked up.

The Charging Mate is a GaN Charger. What is GaN?

You may have seen that many chargers recently are being labeled as GaN chargers. GaN (gallium nitride) is now being used in the electronics industry to replace conventional silicone semiconductors. Using GaN requires fewer components which translates to better efficiency, and better efficiency also means less heat is generated.

Both the 120W and 65W Kovol Charging Mate use GaN, so you can rest assured it’s loaded with the latest charging technology. In addition, this also allows it remain fairly compact for a desktop charger as GaN requires fewer components.

Appearance Out of the Box

The Kovol Charging Mate is cuboid in design and comes in a sleek-looking (in our opinion) matte dark gray and gloss black accent. The included AC power cable inserts in the back and the charging ports are arranged at the front, with 2 USB-A Quick Charge ports on the left and 2 USB-C Power Delivery ports on the right. Three small lights below the charging ports are lit up when plugged in to show it’s ready for use. As for build quality, it feels durable in the hand and has a confident weighty feel to it. Not too heavy, but you know it’s made from quality materials. In addition to the charger and cable, there is a polite thank you card and a basic user guide.

Where Can You Get One?

Both the 120W and 65W Charging Mates can be ordered directly from Kovol, as well as Amazon.

Kovol 120W PD 4-Port Charging Mate$99.99

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Kovol 65W PD 4-Port Charging Mate — $49.99

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Do We Recommend It?

Well, the proof is in the pudding as they say, and I guess you wouldn’t be here reading this article if we didn’t recommend it. So there is your answer, YES we recommend it. After using both the 120W and 65W Kovol Charging Mate, we’re confident that this is a very useful addition to your tech life, and may be the only charger you’ll ever need. The Kovol Charging Mate is certainly a capable one, and we’re gonna be trusting it to charge and power all our devices from now on!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Kovol’s 20% OFF deal! Furthermore, Kovol tell us that registered users of the official website can extend their warranty period an additional 12 months, taking the total warranty period to 24 months. Here is where you can register.

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