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This state has issued over $8 million dollars in tax refunds after an error was discovered

Maryland taxpayers are getting back millions collectively after the state tax system experienced an error.

Montgomery County plans to pay its residents that were overcharged $8 million dollars, and despite it being the state’s fault, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich said they will be paying for it.

According to Fox 5 Washington DC, the issue was a miscalculation of the Homeowners Tax Credit.

The tax break works for low income and senior taxpayers. Those negatively impacted mainly reside in Montgomery County and Baltimore.

Over 5,000 people have already received refunds.

The issue was not just for this tax year though. It was originally discovered in 2016, and after an audit, people were given checks for the last three years, some worth more than $2,000.

Elrich is waiting for eligibility data from the county to be able to send out $8 million they feel their taxpayers are still owed.

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