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A new rumor is spreading online regarding a fourth $15,000 stimulus check

A new online rumor is saying Americans will get a fourth stimulus check worth $15,000 after a new deal was passed, but there is no new deal.

The rumor started on a YouTube channel with around 1,000 followers Thursday, which caused an uptick in searches for that fourth check. There is no proof anywhere of that claim though.

While there is no check federally coming to all Americans, there are other things that may help certain Americans and state residents out financially.

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What other ways can people get aid besides a fourth stimulus check?

Some people are still owed a $1,400 stimulus check. All stimulus checks were based on 2020 tax returns, and anyone who had a child in 2021 did so before the IRS could be made aware.

Next year when the IRS sees a child was born in 2021, the taxpayer will be issued a stimulus check for their new dependent.

Taxpayers will be able to claim a recovery rebate for the check when they file in 2022.

Parents that had newborns in 2021 also became eligible for the child tax credits. Same for parents that adopted a child.

Parents can update their information and show they had a child by updating their information on the child tax credit portal.

Universal basic income programs are also being started in places like Los Angeles and Chicago.

LA is starting a program called Basic Income Guaranteed program known as BIG:LEAP. This will give around 3,000 low income families hit hard by the pandemic $1,000 per month for one year to help them financially.

Chicago’s program will give 5,000 low income families $500 per month for one year.

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