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Legislation signed into law aimed at reducing recidivism by improving state prison education system

Governor Kathy Hochul has signed legislation that will take a closer look at education in the state prison system.

Legislation S.5468/A.2530 aims to prevent recidivism by taking steps to improve prison education. This legislation will establish a commission comprised of nine members who will study and develop a plan for improving said education. The commission will be comprised of three people appointed by the Governor, two by the Speaker of the Assembly, one by the Minority Leader of the Assembly, two by the temporary President of the Senate, and one by the Minority Leader of the Senate.

“When incarcerated individuals reenter society, it’s critical we ensure they are prepared and ready to forge a path for themselves and their families,” Governor Hochul said. “By embarking on a detailed study of how we can improve education for those who are incarcerated, we will be able to identify and implement the programs and resources necessary for ensuring those who are reentering society have the best shot at success. This not only benefits the individual and their families, but the community at large as well.”

“The State’s prison system has to do a better job at preparing people in prison to re-enter society so that they can lead meaningful lives. This law will ensure that we are implementing educational programs in prison to prepare individuals to become contributing members of society upon their release. I applaud Governor Hochul for making this a priority,” Sen. Kevin Parker said.

“This bill speaks to moving the prison industrial complex from punishment to education and eventual liberation of the incarcerated. We must build a society where education is prioritized over incarceration,” Assemblyman Charles Barron added.