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Families denied death benefits worth $500,000 if the deceased was unvaccinated and dies of COVID-19

Companies are now changing their policies so they don’t need to pay out death benefits to families if their employees die of COVID-19 and weren’t vaccinated.

The ultimatums come as businesses try to get employees to get the vaccine.

One company making changes like these is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York. They are now refusing the $500,000 death benefit if the employee dies of COVID and was not vaccinated.

This happened June 1 of this year. Prior, this benefit was available for any employee who died of COVID.

When vaccines came out and became available they decided to change the policy. 70% of their workforce is fully vaccinated or has at least one dose.

Now 30% of their employees must submit to weekly testing under the Biden administration’s new rules.

173 MTA workers have died since the start of the pandemic from COVID. Five have happened since June 1 after the policy change.

Delta Air Lines is now charging unvaccinated employees $200 more per month for health insurance.

It is also entirely legal to be fired for refusing to get vaccinated.

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