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Local facilities focus on amplifying skilled labor through manufacturing

October 1 has become known as Manufacturing Day. October 15 has been recognized as state Manufacturing Day. Facilities in Williamson and Flint are training the next generation of skilled trades workers.

From healthcare to automotive, students from all over the Wayne and Finger Lakes regions are honing their skills to be the next wave to join the workforce at a time when they will be needed the most.

Manufacturing Day was started to give youth and young adults insight into the reality of modern manufacturing careers and works to encourage businesses to open their doors to students, educating them and working together to inspire future generations to grow and thrive.

Students at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Technical and Career Centers are given opportunities such as this through the development of internships, class visits to various local companies, as well as hands-on experience with clients and community stakeholders.

In a recent visit to the Wayne Technical and Career Center, Senator Pam Helming said, “Educating and training our young people for in-demand manufacturing jobs is essential to the strength of our local workforce, the success of local employers, and the growth of our local economy.”

“The Wayne Technical and Career Center is a vital partner in this effort, providing students with hands-on experience so they can compete for high-quality jobs in skilled manufacturing and the trades. Thank you to Principal Andy McVey and WTCC instructors and staff for their leadership and commitment to innovative programs that help to secure a bright future for our youth and our communities.”

With many Technical and Career Center graduates immediately joining the workforce, we are able to see success come full circle. The inclusion of SkillsUSA National Signing Day is another instance where students make real-life decisions about their future due to the diligent and passionate work they accomplish inside the classroom.

While Manufacturing Day may only be highlighted once a year, closing the skills gap and preparing the future workforce is something Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES strives to accomplish day in and day out.