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Will you get smaller Child Tax Credit checks for the rest of 2021?

Some families may see less money for the last three months of child tax credits due to a system error in the Sept. payment. This includes Oct., Nov. and Dec. payments.

Families that noticed they received less this month than less is because some were overpaid last month. They overpayment happened with the delayed payments occurred.

700,000 families, or 2%, felt the impact. Now some of these families will get smaller payments for the remaining three months to offset the difference.

It’s unknown exactly how many families will be impacted, but even if it’s 1% of that 700,000 then 7,000 families will have to deal with it.

The average overpayment was $31.25 for children between 6 and 17 years old, and $37.50 for children under 6.

This means families may see $10-13 dollars less per child for the remaining payments.

Most of these families are the ones who updated their information using the portal.

Letters will be disbursed to those impacted.

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