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Do these three things to get $4,194 in maximum social security payments every month

The average social security recipient gets around $1,565 per month, and will soon get an additional $92.

The current maximum amount received in $3,895.

Once the 5.9% COLA increase goes into effect, the maximum amount with break the $4,000 mark and be $4,194 per month.

While it isn’t a guarantee that everyone may get the maximum benefit dollar amount, some may be missing out on it.

How do I get the maximum benefits for SSI?

Make more money for as long as possible

If you’re still working and you plan to one day collect on SSI, make sure to boost your earnings.

The amount you receive is based on the amount you made throughout your lifetime.

The more you made, the more money you’ll get.

A maximum amount of wages are subject to social security taxes, and the cap for 2022 will be $147,000.

If you don’t reach the cap, side jobs can also count income, helping you to hit that cap.

Work for 35 years

Out of the entire amount of years worked, even if it’s past 35, SSA counts your 35 highest paid years to come up with an amount for SSI.

If there are under 35 years that can be counted, then the difference will count as years of $0.

Some who only work 27 years would then have 8 years averaged into the amount and they would be work $0, bringing the amount down much lower.

Put off claiming SSI for as long as possible

The best way to get the highest benefit every month is to wait to claim your SSI beyond your full age of retirement.

Every year you delay past that age your benefits grow by 8% until the age of 70.

Based on the rates and numbers for 2022, a person that can hold off until age 70 would take home $4,194 a month.

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