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Spotted lanternfly is still infesting New York State

The spotted lanternfly is a destructive, invasive insect that originally came here from Asia.

It was first seen in Pennsylvania in 2014 and has quickly spread ever since.

The insect feeds on many plants and trees in New York State, and can destroy entire crops. The insect is incredibly dangerous to both the environment and the economy.

The first time the bug made its way throughout New York was last summer, and this summer it’s been spotted further north.

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The DEC has reported Ulster, Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Sullivan, Delaware, Albany, Yates, Suffolk, New York, Kings, Monroe, Chemung, Erie, Ontario, and Nassau counties as having adult spotted lanternflies. The biggest concern is New York’s grape crop.

The insects spread on vehicles and other forms of transportation.

New York State DEC wants to be notified of a spotting with photos, and officials also ask that the insects be killed immediately by crushing them.