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One state has 65,000 families still not getting their Child Tax Credits

The average monthly payment for the Child Tax Credit is around $443, but some families that qualify haven’t seen anything.

In Michigan over one million households have seen their checks, and 26 million nationwide.

These advanced monthly payments help families pay for food and rent when they’ve had a hard time during the pandemic.

U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey Data showed food security has dramatically dropped in households since July and that in August, families were able to buy their kids school clothes.

There are still 3% of families and children missing out on the payments.

65,000 children have missed out on the payments since they’ve started. Michigan also has a high rate of children that are eligible who’s families have not claimed the credits.

Families are urged to visit to claim tax credits they’re entitled to in order to help families fight poverty and food insecurity.

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