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IRS submits request to update “Where’s My Refund” tool

The IRS has decided they will finally update their “Where’s My Refund?” tool as thousands still wait for their 2020 tax refunds.

When people check the tool, they’re often met with the “pending” result, and no other details.

The Taxpayer Advocate Service has flagged the issue citing unfair treatment of citizen taxpayers, and has recommended the IRS add features that show an estimate for expected refunds and any need for additional documentation.

The IRS has reportedly submitted requests to its engineers to create upgrades to the tool to meet these needs.

While the issue is being addressed, it’s not a guarantee if the IRS cannot afford these upgrades.

One request was to offer contact telephone numbers through the tool, which was denied due to issues with funding.

The IRS also stated they cannot modernize their system due to funding limitations.

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