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Governor Kathy Hochul attended a mass and said God wants people to be vaccinated

Governor Kathy Hochul attended mass at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn and informed parishioners that God would want them to be vaccinated.

Hochul declared a State of Emergency for Monday, when the mandate went into effect.

This allows for qualified healthcare professionals that are licensed in other states and countries as well as recent graduates and retired personnel, to work in New York State and help fill the void where unvaccinated workers were.

In the Finger Lakes Region, 63.1% of the eligible population has taken both doses, and 70.3% has had at least one.

At the University of Rochester, 99% of all medical staff and 91% of all employees were partially or fully vaccinated as of last Monday.

If workers are terminated for refusing the vaccine, the Department of Labor says they will not be entitled to unemployment insurance.