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8 reasons why perfumes make a great gift

Perfume can be very personal to the wearer because it’s based on a person’s favorite scent and interaction with individual body chemistry. However, if you’re looking for a gift that’s both luxurious and personal, perfume is a fantastic option. There are many other reasons why fragrance is the ultimate go-to gift, but if you’re on the fence, these reasons will convince you.

The Top 8 Reasons Why Perfumes are the Perfect Present

1. Perfume is Personal

You have to know someone very well to give a perfume successfully. Otherwise, they may never wear it. To discover what a person wants in a fragrance, you’ll need to spend a lot of time speaking to them about their likes, dislikes, preferences, and overall aesthetic. Scent is an extremely personal thing, but if you get this right, they’ll likely be in your life forever.

2. Perfume is Versatile

When we think of applying perfume, we usually think of our clothes, hair, and skin, but the versatility of fragrance is endless. Any one of the luxury parfums by Comme des Garcons can be added to bedding, furniture, or in the air to remove odors or mask scents. Perfume can even be used to enhance a unique microclimate at your home to elicit a certain atmosphere.

3. Perfume Evokes Emotion

Don’t worry about offending the person you’re giving perfume to; they won’t assume you’re telling them they smell bad. Unlike deodorant, perfume is used for many purposes, specifically to attract a mate or to tell someone else they’d like them to smell this way. It also shows that you put thought into who the recipient is and what they may like. Perfume is a sign of affection.

4. Perfume is an Affordable Luxury

Lavish perfume bottles can often draw the conclusion that they belong to a higher class of gifts, but many mid-range scents are still lined with exorbitant packaging. Perfume boxes are specifically designed for gifting and don’t require much effort beyond an added bow. Still, perfume isn’t about showing off wealth but instead tells the person how much you care.

5. Perfume Creates Memories

Smell is closely linked with memory, more so than any of our other senses. The smell of our favorite perfume will evoke memories of the past, nostalgic feelings, and hopefully, pleasant thoughts. Chances are, if you give perfume to a loved one, they’ll associate this memory, and the scent, to you. It’s a sentimental reminder that you both love and cherish each other.

6. Perfume can Last Years

When stored correctly and kept away from the sun, perfume can last a very long time, sometimes years, if it stays unopened. On the other hand, chocolates and flowers have a short shelf life and will likely be gone within a week. If you give the person a perfume they really enjoy, they may keep the bottle or continue to wear it, making it a gift that lasts a lifetime.

7. Perfume is Customizable

If a personal gift like perfume isn’t special enough, you can find a bottle engraving service that can put a special love note, date, or name on the scent. Or, you could go another route and make a perfume that’s especially for the person you’re gifting. The special bottle you create, along with the personalized scent, will guarantee the giftee will hold on to it as a keepsake.

8. Perfume isn’t a Common Gift

Although perfume is a fantastic gift option, it’s an uncommon present because of how personal scent is to the wearer. However, most people don’t buy perfume for themselves, or they’ll use the same type of scent they always have. Regardless of why someone chooses not to buy perfume, they likely don’t have a bottle right now, meaning your present will be unique.

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