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Syracuse University professor calls school hypocritical after discipling him for comments made last year

Last year a Syracuse University chemistry professor was disciplined for commenting on the pandemic, and he is now calling SU hypocritical after another professor Tweeted about September 11th.

Maxwell School professor Jenn Jackson posted a series of controversial Tweets about 9/11 and received threats. SU defended her saying she was free to speak.

Last year when addressing Professor Jon Zubieta for his use of the words “Wuhan Flu” and “Chinese Communist Party Virus” on a course syllabus, SU placed him on administrative leave.

Zubieta made it clear he felt that the school should defend Jackson’s right to free speech, though malicious in intent and earning her “well-deserved criticism.” He added that it’s clear SU’s support is “quite dependent on the position of that speech on the wokeness spectrum.”

SU was asked by CNY Central why they defended one and not the other.

“Regarding the recent incident, the remarks did not take place in a classroom or in the context of the professor’s teaching duties at Syracuse University, nor did they violate the university’s anti-harassment policy. The comments were made on a personal Twitter account and in the professor’s capacity as a private citizen,” they said.

The school said their response to a professor’s speech is handled on a case-by-case basis and they use policies to guide them.

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