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Auburn School District will use Anonymous Alerts to help deal with bullying issues

The Auburn Enlarged City School District has announced that it will be utilizing Anonymous Alerts app to help curb bullying.

The patented, award-winning safety communications tool is a way for students to anonymously report sensitive concerns to school officials and engage in anonymous 1-way and 2-way communications to share more information about incidents. Types of concerns that may be reported include, but are not limited to, bullying, harassment, drug-related issues, fighting, weapons, threats, and more. The goal of this reporting system is to help maintain a safe school climate while giving students ample opportunity to securely communicate with school administrators without fear of retribution by their peers.

“We have been utilizing Anonymous Alerts to give our students an additional outlet to quickly communicate anonymously with our school administrators and share more information about their issues and concerns,” said Jeff Pirozzolo, Superintendent of Schools. “With this communications channel, school administrators are able to engage in a direct dialogue with students to learn more about sensitive topics for swift resolution.”

In the Anonymous Alerts system, all submitted reports remain completely anonymous, unless the user chooses to reveal their identity. Submitters can also attach a photo, video, or screenshot with their report as a way of providing more information to the school officials. The Incident Management App is a tool that school officials can use to anonymously respond to submitters, track incident details, and record notes to share with other administrators.

The Anonymous Alerts app can be downloaded for free, and students, parents, and staff members can gain access to the service with a simple activation code that will be provided by the district. Online, students can access the Anonymous Alerts Report It web-button located in the header of the district’s website,, to send a web-based report. The web form is available in English, Spanish, and a multitude of other languages. Students will be able to easily view a “helpful links and resources” section in the reporting app that contains informational links to websites and videos related to cyber-bullying, social and emotional learning, self-harm prevention, and mental health self-help content. The system will be monitored during school days between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

“In today’s school environment, it is crucial for students who see something, to do something by using Anonymous Alerts to safely confide with school administrators about potential harmful behaviors or situations to help keep themselves and other students safe,” said T. Gregory Bender, President & CEO of Anonymous Alerts, LLC.