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Local nurses speak out on what it’s like to work the frontlines during a global pandemic

Two local nurses are speaking out on what it’s been like to deal with the pandemic on the frontlines as a healthcare worker.

Jason Paulisczak, Travel Nurse, working in COVID Units, said he wants to work on those units and help people to the best of his abilities.

Patrick Perl, friend and fellow healthcare worker of Paulisczak, agreed that they haven’t really had anything against working the COVID units, but the amount of daily sick people coming in is stressful.

Paulisczak explained that when seeing a patient suffocate from COVID, they would think they had something figured out, only for something else with the patient to go wrong.

Paulisczak also added that many of the patients coming in are unvaccinated, and vaccinated individuals are staying home.

Both agree that as long as COVID is around, they’ll stay to help patients that need them no matter what.