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Mask mandate violation reason for two $1,000 fines in Cayuga County

A pair of businesses in Cayuga County have been hit with fines associated with COVID-19 relegation violations. While the regulations were lifted in May, Dollar General in Moravia and McDonald’s in the city of Auburn both were fined $1,000 for violating the mask mandate while it was in effect.

Inspections found that employees and customers were not wearing face coverings. Both stores had been fined before, which resulted in the heftier fines the second time around.

The inspections took place in May and September, according to officials’ account of the matters.

The lag in inspection follow-up has frustrated some residents and businesses owners, who feel they are being punished for events that are in the rear view mirror.

However, some in the community also voiced concern about the prospect of mask mandates returning, as the Delta variant spreads rapidly across the state and U.S.