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Shared Services Panel to be reconvened in Livingston County this September

Livingston County is reconvening its Countywide Shared Services Panel in September to develop a new Countywide Shared Services Plan. The Shared Services Panel is comprised of Town Supervisors and Village Mayors.

“Building on the success of past years, the Panel will develop Livingston County’s third Shared Services Plan,” stated Livingston County Administrator Ian M. Coyle. “All of our plans to date have proposed initiatives for partnerships between the County and municipalities to save taxpayer dollars by increasing overall efficiencies, eliminating duplication, and streamlining operations.”

Once the plans’ initiatives are implemented, the County may then apply for funds from the NYS Department of State (DOS) to match certified savings. All plans are submitted in compliance with the New York State Countywide Shared Services Initiative (NYS CWSSI).

Already the County has submitted two plans, in 2017 and 2019, both of which were partially implemented. The County’s first plan proposed a single initiative that provided a certified savings of $80,000 to the County. The most-recent plan proposed over a dozen initiatives, of which five were implemented, providing over $1.2 million in certified savings to taxpayers.

The County applied for and received a full savings match from the 2017 Plan. The County has submitted an application for a savings match from the 2019 Plan. That application is being reviewed by DOS.

For more information on NYS CWSSI and to see the County’s past Shared Services Plans, visit: