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Aldi will add 20,000 new workers in hiring effort next month

The supermarket chain Aldi is going to add more than 20,000 new employees in a hiring effort that will span its U.S. operation.

The employees will be in stores and warehouses, as the company sees continued growth in the discount market.

A National Hiring Week will be held from September 20 to 24- stores and warehouses will hold interview events to fill jobs.

Aldi operates 2,100+ stores and 25 warehouses.

“As an award-winning employer, we know the importance of investing in our people,” Aldi U.S. co-president Dave Rinaldo said in a statement. “Employees come to Aldi for the competitive pay and opportunity to work for a growing national brand. They stay for the career potential and satisfaction they feel knowing their work makes a difference in the communities they serve.”

The company also boasts competitive wages- paying workers between $15 and $19 per hour.

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